Send in the Clowns?

Terror reigns on both sides of the pond!

While the presidential election sniping and hacking continues unabated in the US, a new wave of fear, imported from the States, is sweeping the UK. Even in the backwater of Norn Irn, so-called ‘killer’ clowns are appearing at random to terrify the unsuspecting populace. Schools are a particular target, which seems to me to be a particularly cowardly way for clowns to get their clowning kicks. Elderly people, too, are being singled out to frighten, though you’d think that the older generation would be so used to clowns appearing without warning over the decades they wouldn’t bat a drooping eyelid.

Several of these comically dressed and fearsomely masked or made-up clowns have gone further, standing in the path of oncoming traffic, reminiscent of the somewhat passe but once-much-loved-by-little-boys game of ‘Chicken’. Or leaping out in front of cars stopping at red lights or slowing down to manoeuvre. Sooner or later, one of these, yes, clowns, is going to get run down and killed. And that will be a shame, won’t it? I mean, it’s not even Halloween yet. And it’s hard to take an amusing selfie when you’re unconscious and bleeding all over the highway.

Election fever?

Been following western politics lately? Beats any TV drama or soap opera for entertainment, that’s for certain sure.


In the last couple months the UK has voted in a referendum to leave the EU, this is commonly referred to as Brexit. This has resulted in, in no particular order:

The resignation of Cameron, the Prime Minister, oftimes referred to as ‘Dodgy Dave’

A declaration from Scotland that it will call a second vote to ‘leave the union’

Disgruntled mutterings from Northern Ireland about any reinstatement of border controls between NI and the Republic of Ireland

The value of sterling going up and down like a thing that goes up and down a lot


Barely concealed threats from other EU leaders to ‘punish’ the UK. Smack its bottom, perhaps? Various EU countries following the UK’s lead in considering their own position within the EU. The words ‘rats’ and ‘sinking ship’ spring to mind. Does nobody want to repair the stricken vessel and sail on to greater things, in harmony, tranquility and prosperity? ¬†Get real, this is politics, not Pollyanna!


Meanwhile, the long drawn out process for choosing a new president has arrived at the sorry spectacle of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton engaging in televised debates as to who is the better candidate for the Presidency when Barack Obama’s second term comes to an end. Remember when UK protest voters used to support the Monster Raving Loony Party? Where is Homer Simpson when we need him most? Is there no alternative to these two alternatives who seem to bring out the worst traits in the US electorate?

The amount of tweets and media stories covering these events grows exponentially. I must stop reading them and get a life.