The New New

Uh-oh! WordPress has been upgrading and improving again. As I haven’t posted anything for about eighteen months, I’m up the creek, paddle less. Nothing else for it but to jump right in, so here we go…

So, should I create a public profile? Do I want to share my words of wisdom and a photograph of my fizzog with my followers? What have they done to deserve that shock! Why would I want to be visible?

Well, many moons ago, when the earth was young and flat, I decided to become a writer and write stuff. Anyone can dream, can’t they? And a wise old Yoda told me that I would need a blog, to publicise my words and show the world how it’s done. Or not, as the case may be.

So you’ve seen some words: now what about that photo?


2 thoughts on “The New New

  1. Is it me, a human your words are to encourage? Or is it a space to leave your thoughts that you desire? I too stood on this mountain deciding to show my face or not. I am not beautiful and could be judged harshly but I leaped with faith that maybe it would be my face not my words that spoke to awaken people. Hoping my humanity alone might be enough.


    • We are all beautiful, but humanity is much more than skin deep. Not quite ready for the leap of faith, but willing to show my words, for now. To encourage… whom? Me, most of all, in truth.


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